ExtremoChem develops small organic molecules that are obtained exclusively by chemical synthesis. These new compounds are able to stabilise proteins/enzymes and nucleic acids, either alone or in combination, against temperature stress and aggregation.

ExtremoChem compounds do not covalently bind to or form a fixed layer around the protein, so biodisponibility should not be altered. Besides stabilizing biopharmaceuticals during distribution and storage, our products can be added to the active principle at an earlier stage of their production, thus increasing the isolation yield, which is generally low due to aggregation of often expensive biomolecules and thus dramatically reducing costs.

The ExtremoChem technology is a platform for several applications, all involving protein stabilisation against heat-induced denaturation, aggregation, fibrillation and misfolding phenomena:

  1. To maintain the integrity of vaccines and other biopharmaceuticals during distribution and storage
  2. The addition of our molecules will prevent aggregation during transportation caused by shaking
  3. Our molecules can be used during the production process, where protein aggregation is a commonly observed phenomenon. This applies to the production and downstream process of some industrially and pharmaceutically interesting proteins
  4. Microarrays, imunoassays and biosensors, used in diagnostics and research, are also large and growing markets where protein stabilization is critical to ensuring accuracy and a long shelf life


Portugal 2020

expected results:

  1. Introduction of a first excipient, based on analogous compounds found in hyperthermophilic microorganisms, with high efficacy in the stabilization of active principles, thus eliminating the need for cold chain
  2. Development and commercialization of new compounds which will enable stabilization of the biopharmaceutical production processes, thus avoiding their degradation during the different stages of the manufacturing process
  3. Obtain revenue through sales and services rendered from a catalog made as a marketing channel to the online store (website)
project designation Novos estabilizadores biofármacos
project code 10785
main objective Reinforce research, technological development and innovation
region of intervention Lisboa
entity Extremochem, Lda
approval date 16/05/2016
start date 01/01/2016
conclusion date 31/12/2017
eligible total cost 330.946,08€
financial support from the European Union 132.378,43€
financial support from national/regional public entities 0€